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What is Urban Maestro about?

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Feb. 2019
Urban Maestro project launch

Jun. 2019
Urban Design Governance

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Urban Maestro Masterclass

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Feb. 2021
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Apply for

Urban Maestro Masterclass in September 2020 →

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Why Urban Maestro?

The quality of urban environments derives from various projects, interventions, and policy decisions over time. They are the collective work of multiple stakeholders – public, private, and community – but are not always of a quality that we would aspire to see.

Urban Maestro examines how the soft (non-regulatory) powers of the state can shape the decisions that help to deliver better-designed places. These approaches often combine different, informal tools in order to guide, encourage, and enable better design.

European countries and cities apply these informal tools often in innovative ways; therefore, Urban Maestro aims to capture how these tools are put into practice, with what purpose, and what impact they have on real-life solutions.

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Stimulating conversations with urban professionals