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​Workshop #4

Actions for Future

Nov. 2020


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Workshop #4 will concentrate on the importance of long-term stewardship in the governance of urban design. It will unpack the tools that enlarge and go beyond the traditional scope of urban design towards new thematic fields such as the circular economy, nature-based solutions, long-term management, and others, and which are concerned with the long-term well-being of places and their populations.

19th November, 9.30-12.00 h (Brussels time)

Common ground for Economy & Design
Presenting the findings of expert papers on the informal urban design governance tools and financial mechanisms, addressing key challenges in real estate and architecture, and highlighting the urban development partnerships between public and private sector.

• Key challenges between the real estate sector and the field of urban design (presentation)
Paul van der Kuil – Researcher and Lecturer at TU Berlin

• Milan REFLOW project (presentation)
Lucia Scopelliti – Head of Unit, Economic development, Municipality of Milan – Expert at UIA

• Applying land value capture tools: lessons from Copenhagen and Freiburg (presentation)
Nicholas Falk – Executive Director of The URBED Trust – the founder of URBED (urban and economic development) in London in 1976

 • The Oslo waterfront as an example of restructuring, culture-led redevelopment and negotiation processes (presentation)
Heidi Bergsli – Researcher at Norwegion Institute of Urban and Regional Research

• La Marina da Valencia redevelopment
Amparo Adelaida Tarazona Vento – Lecturer at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, University of Sheffield

• Places That Make Us: the balance between public and private interest in real estate (presentation)
Michiel Van Balen – Architect and Partner of Miss Miyagi

External experts:
Ugo Guarnacci– Project Adviser, European Commission, Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME)
Herman Pienaar – Human Settlements Officer, Lead Urban Lab at UN-Habitat


26th November, 9.30-12.00 h (Brussels time)

Financial & Quality outreach tools aligned
Peer review of 2 case studies of innovative development approaches on the city scale and the governance tools they employ. Questioning innovation vs. time, private vs. public interest, design vs. economic values, short-term vs. long-term objectives and processes, top-down vs. bottom-up approaches, sustainability aims vs. reality, and exchanging the lessons learned.

• By & Havn, Copenhagen (DK) (presentation)
Camilla van Deurs – Copenhagen city architect
Rita Justesen – By & Havn, Head of Planning and Architecture
Amanda Ziegler Dybbroe – By & Havn, Project Manager

Community Land Trust (BE) (presentation)
Geert De Pauw – Co-ordinator, CLT Brussels
Joaquín de Santos – Manager CLTB European projects, Project Manager SHICC

External experts:
Heidi Bergsli – Researcher at Norwegian Institute of Urban and Regional Research
Graham Squires – Associate Head of School of Economics and Finance, Massey University, New Zealand
Hanna Szemző – OpenHeritage Project Co-ordinator, Managing Director Metropolitan Research Institute

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