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Urban Maestro Masterclass

Sep. 2020


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Urban Maestro Masterclass brought together a group of 40 international students from a variety of disciplines to work with a range of academics, practitioners and other invited experts, examining real-life case studies as a way to explore issues surrounding the topic of urban governance.

The Masterclass gave participants the chance to engage with real-life stakeholders, allowing them to gain an insight into the range of skills and roles involved in creating good quality urban spaces, and a better understanding of the political, social and economic environment in which they will be practicing.

A series of online workshops and seminars spanned over 4 workshop sessions and were guided by these tutors:

David Bauer (DE) – Habitat Unit, Department of Urbanism – TU Berlin
Jana Čulek (HR) – PhD researcher, architect, urban planner – Studio Fabula, TU Delft
Una Daly (IE) – Lecturer, Design review panel member – Design South East, UCC
Anna Koskinen (FI) – Research Assistant, Department of Urbanism – Tampere University
Pablo Sendra (ES) – Associate Professor of Planning & Urban Design – UCL Bartlett
Guillaume Sokal (BE) – Architect and Civil Engineer – SLRB
Sandra van Assen (NL) – PhD researcher, architect, urban planner – TU Delft
Paul van der Kuil (NL) – Lecturer in Real Estate Management & Urban Development – TU Berlin

During the final online session of the Urban Maestro Masterclass, the students and the tutors presented their findings and suggested ways to promote good urban design governance. A panel of invited experts was there to provide feedback and open up a wider debate on the culture of urban design governance. The analysed case studies included:

• IBA Thuringen (DE) (presentation) (Masterclass Paper)
Jan Schultheiß (DE) – Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (BMI) in Germany, co-author of expert paper on IBA
Dr Bertram Schiffers (DE) – IBA Thüringen Project Manager

• Room for the River (NL) (presentation) (Masterclass Paper)
Pieter Schengenga (NL) – Senior Landscape Architect and Director at H+N+S Landscape Architects, involved in the design and implementation of numerous Room for the River projects
Mathieu Schouten (NL) – City of Nijmegen Senior Landscape Architect, involved in the development, implementation and follow-up of the Room for the River projects in the Nijmegen area

• Petite Île – Citygate II development (BE) (presentation) (Masterclass Paper)
Julie Collet (BE) – Team bouwmeester maître architecte, responsible for Research by Design before the initial project competition
Séverine Hermand (BE) – BUUR, member of the Sustainable Neighbourhoods Facilitation team for the Brussels Environment Agency
Yannick Dal (BE) – Brussels-Capital Region Housing Corporation (SLRB) Development Department, project client
Aurélie Hachez (BE) – AHA, Project Architect
Elseline Bazin (FR) – Elseline Bazin Architecte, Project Architect
Elke Schoonen (NL) –NoA architecten, Project Architect

• Co-City Torino (IT) (presentation) (Masterclass Paper)
Giovanni Ferrero (IT) – Comune di Torino, Project Director, Co-City Torino
Loredana Di Nunzio (IT) – Comune di Torino, Architect following the technical aspects related to CUMIANA15 (the Co-City Torino initiative presented)
Riccardo Galetto (IT) – Member of Ideificio Torinese, an active citizens’ association and one of the central proponents of CUMIANA15


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