New governance strategies
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Final Conference

Policy Dialogue and Forum on New Governance Strategies for Urban Design

17 Mar. 2021


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After two intense and enriching years, the Final Event of Urban Maestro will take place on the 17th of March 2021, in the form of a Policy Dialogue.

This event will involve discussing the project’s achievements and findings, as well as present key takeaways together with lessons learned for improving quality in the built environment through innovative strategies for the governance of urban design.


High level policy dialogue



POLICY DIALOGUE – Welcome and Introduction to Urban Maestro

Lessons learned and policy recommendations
Project’s main findings, illustrated by concrete examples on the use of soft power in the governance of urban design, presented in dialogue with practitioners and local authorities

Policy implications for the local, national and EU level

Concluding remarks


Expert forum



Introduction to the EXPERT FORUM

Meet the experts!
Discussion forum hosted by leading experts and representatives of the 100+ practices identified across Europe by project Urban Maestro, according to the following topics:

• From experimentation and temporary solutions to long-term impact?
• How to build quality culture for children and youth?
• How to mobilize investments motivated by societal values?
• How to measure place quality, and does it lead to better design?
• How to mainstream participatory instruments in public administration?
• Towards a common EU approach for architecture competitions? What role for design as negotiation tool?
• Comparative analysis of Masterclass case studies

The future of urban design governance

Virtual drink – informal gathering & networking
(via a separate video game platform)


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