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Architecture Stamp

Collecting funds for improving building culture


Timbrul de Arhitecturã (Architecture Stamp) is a cultural fund dedicated to the promotion of architecture and building culture in Romania. This cultural fund is financed by a fixed percentage of the investment value of the construction-taking place across the country, which is collected by local authorities and subsequently delivered to the two Romanian professional organizations of architects.


The Architecture Stamp is managed by the Order of Architects of Romania (OAR) and the Union of Architects of Romania (UAR).


The funding of ‘Architecture Stamp’ originates from a tax charged by local authorities when issuing a building permit, with the collected funds turned over to both professional associations of architects. The amount for this tax is comprised of 0.05% of the investment value of any construction project, regardless of the beneficiary or destination. In this context, companies and citizens are obligated to pay this tax when applying for a building permit. The stamp fee is thus added to the value of the investment and is paid by the investor or owner together with the fee for the building permit for any construction where authorization is required. When issuing this authorization, local authorities must calculate and charge 0.05% of the value of the investment, so that they can then transfer these collected amounts to both of the professional architectural associations, the Order of Architects of Romania (OAR) and the Union of Architects of Romania (UAR). These two organizations use this fund to finance the cultural programming of activities, such as, cultural events, debates, publications, exhibitions/expositions, etc. In addition, OAR has created a specific annual funding programme for cultural and editorial projects, through an annual call for projects open to all creatives and professionals (not only architects), associations and organizations whose mission it is to promote architecture and building culture, as well as all publishers/publications concerned with architecture.


The Architecture Stamp provides financial support for a diversified cultural programme, financed by an innovative funding scheme, aimed at disseminating knowledge among stakeholders and raising awareness about the value of design quality alongside its benefits to the general public.