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State of the Territory Report

Providing analysis of the current developments




The City of Zagreb’s State of the Territory Report presents a comprehensive picture of the state of the territory and possible directions for development. The Report also provides an analysis of the current situation and trends in development, outlines problems and spatial development alternatives, from which proposals and recommendations for action are made for the next period.


The Report on the State of the Territory is developed by the City Council of Zagreb.


The State of the Territory Report is the main monitoring report of spatial development for the City of Zagreb. Developed every four years, the adoption of a periodic status report is mandatory by the Physical Planning and Construction Law of the City of Zagreb. This ordinance states that the Report shall contain the starting points, analysis and status assessment, implementation and trends of spatial development, analysis of the implementation of physical planning strategies and proposals with recommendations for the next period. The Report includes data from the spatial planning information system, spatial plans, official documents and available data from competent bodies and institutions, as well as information from individual sectoral planning policies that may have an impact on the development of the city. Proposals for improving the urban environment are elaborated containing recommendations for the next period with the aim of deciding on the further status of strategic, programmatic and planning guidelines.


The State of the Territory Report provides an analysis of the current situation and development trends in Zagreb, informing stakeholders on how the built environment is being shaped during a specific period. The Report also informs policy and guidance, monitors design outcomes from the development process, and evaluates the state of the built environment more broadly.