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Document type Country
Innovative Financing models for Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Real Estate Development by Graham Squires Document Europe
Participatory design for child-friendly space improvement in Dhaka, Bangladesh by Sohel Rana Document World
The use of soft-power tools in urban governance towards higher quality environments in South Africa by Karina Landman Document World
Citywide public space inventory and assessment tool by Joy Mutai Document World
Analysis of the Global Future Cities Components as Governance Tools for Urban Projects by P Caglin, B Edilbi, J P Hitipeuw, Y Reis Document World
Kigali Yacu, Our Kigali by Liliane Uwanziga Mupende Document World
Promoting urban co-governance by A Antonelli, E de Nictolis, C Iaione Document Italy
Petite Île / CityGate II [ Masterclass Paper ] Document Belgium
Room for the River [ Masterclass Paper ] Document Netherlands
Oslo waterfront regeneration by Heidi Bergsli Document Norway
Applying land value capture tools: lessons from Copenhagen and Freiburg by Nicholas Falk Document Denmark, Germany
Milan REFLOW by Lucia Scopelliti Document Italy
La Marina de València by Amparo Tarazona Vento Document Spain
Community Land Trust Brussels by Verena Lenna Document Belgium
Marineterrein: slowly-growing living lab by Marieke Berkers Document Netherlands
Citymaker-Fund by Hans Karssenberg, Theo Stauttener, Jan-Jaap Gerritsma Document Netherlands
Samoa Île de Nantes by Hélène Morteau Document France
EU Mies Award by Anna Ramos and Ivan Blasi Document Europe
European Prize for Urban Public Space by David Bravo Document Europe
Marketizing Design Review by Matthew Carmona Document United Kingdom
BIP/ZIP program by José Luís Crespo and Lucinda Caetano Document Portugal
Grenoble Public Space Programme by Tommaso Gabrieli Document France
Warsaw city architect by Monika Komorowska and Wojciech Kacperski Document Poland
Panorama Lokaal by Joao Bento Document Netherlands
Les Grands Voisins by Aurore, Plateau Urbain, Yes We Camp Document France
Baukollegium Zurich by Joao Bento Document Switzerland
International Building Exhibition (IBA) by Lena Hatzelhoffer and Jan Schultheiss Document Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland
IBA Thüringen [ Masterclass Paper ] Document Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland
Place Standard by Joao Bento Document United Kingdom
Co-City Torino by Giovanni Ferrero and Alice Zanasi Document Italy
Co-City Torino [ Masterclass Paper ] Document Italy
Concept Tendering Procedures by Robert Temel Document Germany
Vlaams Bouwmeester by Joao Bento Document Belgium
Biennial Baukultur Reports by R. Nagel, M. Lesch, F. Schacht Document Germany
Q teams by Sandra van Assen and José van Campen Document Netherlands
Architecture Driven Learning in Basic Education in Finland by Jaana Räsänen Document Finland, Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Thailand
The Place Alliance by Matthew Carmona Document United Kingdom
Subsidy programme for design competitions in the Czech Republic by Josef Morkus Document Czech Republic
Urban Maestro - Typology of Tools Document
Urban Maestro - European Survey report Document
Urban Maestro - Panorama of innovative practices Document
Urban Maestro - Case studies and expert papers Document
Urban Maestro - Lessons from the Urban Maestro workshops Document
Urban Maestro - New Governance Strategies for Urban Design [ Final Publication ] Document
Workshop #1 report Document
Workshop #2 report Document
Workshop #3 report Document
Urban Maestro Masterclass report Document
Workshop #4 report Document
AGENDA - Urban Maestro Policy Dialogue and Forum Document
Final Conference report Document
Innovative Financing models for Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Real Estate Development Example Europe
Estonian Centre for Architecture Example Estonia
Sharing Cities Example Milan, Lisbon, London, Bordeaux, Burgas, Warsaw
Soft power governance for urban design in emerging, developing and crisis contexts Example World
QUA – quartiere bene comune Example Italy
Petite Île / CityGate II Example Belgium
Room for the River Example Netherlands
Public Practice Example United Kingdom
Rives Vivantes Example France
Design Helsinki Example Finland
Estonoesunsolar Example Spain
Cambridgeshire Quality Charter for Growth Example United Kingdom
HafenCity Hamburg Example Germany
Oslo waterfront regeneration Example Norway
Applying land value capture tools Example Denmark, Germany
REFLOW Milan Pilot Example Italy
La Marina de València Example Spain
Practical Guide to Architectural Contracting Example Belgium
Stadsherstel Example Netherlands
Community Land Trust Brussels Example Belgium
Marineterrein Amsterdam Example Netherlands
LaFábrika detodalavida Example Spain
Future Architecture Platform Example Slovenia - Europe
Open House Worldwide Example United Kingdom - World
Urban Design London Example United Kingdom
Building for Life 12 Example United Kingdom
Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) Example Denmark
Sofia City Architect Example Bulgaria
Be.exemplary Programme Example Belgium
IPR Praha / CAMP Example Czech Republic
Prague Public Space Design Manual Example Czech Republic
Architecture Fund Example Lithuania
Free Riga Example Latvia
The Design Commission for Wales Example United Kingdom
Architecture Stamp Example Romania
Zurich 3D Example Switzerland
Citymaker-Fund Example Netherlands
Barcelona Regional Example Spain
Madrid Architecture Week Example Spain
By & Havn Example Denmark
Samoa Île de Nantes Example France
BMA Example Belgium
Budapest City Architect Example Hungary
Platforme Réemploi Example Belgium
La Matrice della Qualità Urbana di AUDIS Example Italy
Les Parisculteurs Example France
CE.ZA.AR Award Example Slovakia
Nantes Dialogue Citoyen Example France
Shaping Space educational resource Example Ireland
Pyblik platform Example Belgium
RIAI Town and Village Toolkit Example Ireland
State of the Territory Report Example Croatia
Riga City Architect’s Office Example Latvia
SNCF transitional urban development Example France
Praga Lab Example Poland
Architecture Guide to the 17 UN SDGs Example Denmark, International
Councils of Architecture, Urbanism and the Environment (CAUE) Example France
Biennale of Young Greek Architects Example Greece
Mehr Als Wohnen Example Switzerland
Oslo Architecture Triennale Example Norway
EU Mies Award Example Europe
Europan Example Europe
London Festival of Architecture  Example United Kingdom
European Prize for Urban Public Space  Example Europe
Marketizing Design Review Example United Kingdom
BIP/ZIP Program Example Portugal
Grenoble Public Space Programme Example France
Warsaw city architect Example Poland
Panorama Lokaal Example Netherlands
Les Grands Voisins Example France
Baukollegium Zurich Example Switzerland
International Building Exhibition (IBA) Example Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland
Place Standard Example United Kingdom
Co-City Torino Example Italy
Concept tendering procedures Example Germany
Vlaams Bouwmeester Example Belgium
Biennial Baukultur Reports Example Germany
Prix MOP Example Belgium
Q-teams Example Netherlands
Arkki Example Finland, Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Thailand
National Architect of Sweden Example Sweden
Place Alliance Example United Kingdom
Innsbruck design advisory board Example Austria
Subsidies for architectural and urban competitions Example Czech Republic
Key messages for the future of Urban Design Governance Talk
Urban Maestro Expert forum Talk
Urban Maestro Policy dialogue Talk
Community Land Trust Brussels (BE) Talk Belgium
By & Havn, Copenhagen (DK) Talk Denmark
Places That Makes Us: Miss Miyagi (BE) Talk Belgium
REFLOW Milan Pilot (IT) Talk Italy
Oslo waterfront regeneration (NO) Talk Norway
Applying land value capture tools Talk Denmark, Germany
Challenges in real estate and urban design Talk World
IBA Thüringen (DE) Talk Germany
Room for the River (NL) Talk Netherlands
Petite Île – CityGate II (BE) Talk Belgium
Co-City Torino (IT) Talk Italy
Design advisory boards in Austria (AU) Talk Austria
Samoa Île de Nantes (FR) Talk France
Design review boards in London (UK) Talk United Kingdom
Q teams (NL) Talk Netherlands
Concept tendering (DE) Talk Germany
National subsidies for architectural and urban competitions (CZ) Talk Czech Republic
Emerging tools and strategies for public-private collaboration Talk World
Citymaker-Fund (NL) Talk Netherlands
Grenoble Public Space Programme (FR) Talk France
IBA International Building Exhibitions (DE) Talk Germany
Cooperative housing in Switzerland (CH) Talk Switzerland
Place Standard Tool (UK) Talk United Kingdom
Panorama Lokaal (NL) Talk Netherlands
Brussels Bouwmeester Maître Architecte (BE) Talk Belgium
Les Grands Voisins (FR) Talk France
Reviewing design review (UK) Talk United Kingdom
Externalising design governance in Nantes (FR) Talk France
Baukultur approach to improving building culture (CH) Talk Switzerland
Transferring design concepts: Vancouverism in Toronto (CA) Talk Canada
Creative rehabilitation of urban spaces in Budapest (HU) Talk Hungary
Incentivising design quality with financial tools Talk World
Transforming La Marina de València (ES) Talk Spain
Fostering economy and solidarity in vacant spaces Talk France
Innovative model for building resilient cities Talk Germany
Experimental processes for improving public spaces Talk France
Sustainable ways of living together in the city Talk Switzerland
Reimagining the urban-rural fringes in the Netherlands Talk Netherlands
Creative partnerships in sensitive urban areas Talk Portugal
How does place quality contribute to our health? Talk United Kingdom
Connecting design concepts to wider context Talk France
Baukultur. Promoting building culture in Europe Talk Europe
How to deliver high quality urban design Talk World