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Urban Maestro aims to create a platform and network for raising the quality of the governance and design of cities. Therefore, we are looking for examples that could illustrate informal governance mechanisms that support this quest for quality in urban developments across Europe and beyond.  Examples of such cases include unique promotional campaigns, new procedures for organizing competitions, incentivizing improvements in spatial quality standards or guidelines, coordinating quality-focused expert panel reviews, negotiation mechanisms, various exploratory initiatives, and design-led participation schemes, amongst others.

Participate in creating a database that will enable learning from different contexts and their experiences – tell us about an initiative, project, practice or approach that might be exemplary in its focus on informal ways of achieving quality of the built environment.*

These guidelines might help you to structure your description of the case:
– WHAT is it about?
– WHO initiated it?
– HOW does it function?
– WHY is it innovative? What impact does it have?

Would you like to suggest corrections or provide additional material to the cases presented on our website?

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* URBAN MAESTRO reserves the right to publish or not publish the examples submitted according to their relevance. Please indicate any copyright(s) applicable to any materials in your submission.

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