New governance strategies
for Urban Design

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Stimulating conversations with urban professionals

Reviewing design review (UK)

with Matthew Carmona

Involving locals in the design processes (FR)

with Aurélien Delchet

Baukultur approach to improving building culture

with Christina Haas

Transferring design concepts: Vancouverism in Toronto

with Dr. James White

Creative rehabilitation of urban spaces in Budapest (HU)

with Sandor Finta

Incentivising design quality with financial tools

with Dr. Tommaso Gabrieli

Transforming La Marina de València (ES)

with Dr. Amparo Tarazona Vento

Fostering economy and solidarity in vacant spaces

with Marie Guilguet and Fanny Cottet, Plateau Urbain

Innovative model for building resilient cities

with Michael Braum, IBA Heidelberg managing director

Experimental processes for improving public spaces

with Stéphane Durand, Grenoble-Alpes Métropole